Lycaenidae Polyommatinae Polyommatini Cupido (Cupido) lorquinii Cupido (Cupido) osiris
Cupido (Cupido) minimus (Fuessly, 1775)
Little Blue
Argus frêle

Genus: Cupido Schrank, 1801   Subgenus: Cupido Schrank, 1801   Original genus: Papilio Linnaeus, 1758

Synonyms (species):
   alsus [Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775
   trinacriae Verity, 1919

C. (Cupido) minimus (© Paolo Mazzei)
Adult, Subiaco (Roma), Italy, June 1991
(Photo by Paolo Mazzei)
C. (Cupido) minimus (© Jens Christian Schou)
Adult (male), Hobro, Denmark, June 3, 2003
(Photo by Jens Christian Schou, BioPix)
C. (Cupido) minimus (© Bernard Fransen)
Adult, Falfleralp 1800m, Switzerland, June 28, 1997
(Photo by Bernard Fransen, Photography of European Butterflies and Moths)
C. (Cupido) minimus (© Paolo Mazzei)
Adult, Listolade (Belluno), Italy, May 2001
(Photo by Paolo Mazzei)
C. (Cupido) minimus (© Jérôme Albre)
Adult, Central Pyrenees, 1400m, France, June 22, 2004
(Photo by Jérôme Albre)
C. (Cupido) minimus (© Ilaria Pimpinelli)
Adults, Campo Felice 1300 m (L'Aquila), Italy, June 1, 2002
(Photo by Ilaria Pimpinelli)
C. (Cupido) minimus (© Paolo Mazzei)
Adult, Gran Sasso (L'Aquila), Italy, June 2000
(Photo by Paolo Mazzei)

C. (Cupido) minimus (© Paolo Mazzei)
Eggs, Listolade (Belluno), Italy, June 2001
(Photo by Paolo Mazzei)

Anthyllis vulneraria; larvae attended by ants of genera Myrmica, Lasius, Formica, Plagiolepis