Erebidae Hypeninae Hypena (Hypena) palpalis Hypena (Hypena) rostralis
Hypena (Hypena) proboscidalis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus: Hypena Schrank, 1802   Subgenus: Hypena Schrank, 1802   Original genus: Phalaena Linnaeus, 1758

H. (Hypena) proboscidalis (© Jens Christian Schou)
Adult, Hobro, Denmark, September 2, 2002
(Photo by Jens Christian Schou, BioPix)
H. (Hypena) proboscidalis (© Diego Reggianti)
Adult, Vivaro (Roma), Italy, October 2002
(Photo by Diego Reggianti)
H. (Hypena) proboscidalis (© Marian Buda)
Adult, Svodov, Slovakia, May 24, 2003
(Photo by Marian Buda, The Butterflies of Slovakia)
H. (Hypena) proboscidalis (© Les Hill)
Adult, Clophill, Bedford, England, June 20, 2004
(Photo by Les Hill, Immigration of Lepidoptera)

Urtica, Humulus, Stachys, Aegopodium