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Links to other Lepidoptera sites of interest

1000 Siberian Butterflies and Moths (by Eduard Berlov, Oleg Berlov)
A British butterfly garden (by Linda Walls)
Ana Valadares / Fotografia - Algarviada de Insetos (by Ana Valadares)
Anolimages Nature Photography (by Marjolijn Lopes Cardozo)
Anything but common (by Peter Groenendijk)
Arctiidae de Guyane Française (by Pierre Zagatti, Bernard Lalanne-Cassou)
A.R.D.E. - Associazione Romana di Entomologia
Arthropa - L'univers des arthropodes terrestres (by Benoit Martha)
Biodiversidad Virtual / Invertebrados
Borboletas Nocturnas de Portugal (by Pedro Pires, Eduardo Marabuto)
Borboletas Diurnas de Portugal (by Paulo Simôes)
Butterflies & Moths of Switzerland (by Heiner Ziegler)
Butterfly Conservation (UK) European Interests Group
Butterflies In Your Playground
Butterflies of Ireland (by Adrian Phelan)
Butterflies of Ireland (by Deirdre Hardiman)
Butterflies of Kharkov Region, Ukraine (by Eugene Karolinskiy)
Butterflies of Japan (by Takashi Kumon)
Butterflies of Northern Mexico and Sonora (by Bruce Walsh)
Butterflies of Serbia (by Milan Djuric)
Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona (by Bruce Walsh)
Butterfly & Nature Photography (by Silvia Reiche)
Captain's European Butterfly Guide (by Simon Coombes)
Casa delle Farfalle e Bosco delle Fate
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles (by Pierre Zagatti, Bernard Lalanne-Cassou, Jeanne le Duchat d'Aubigny)
Die Larven der Europäischen Noctuidae - Revision der Systematik der Noctuidae (by Herbert Beck)
Eggs, Larvae, Pupae and Adult Butterflies and Moths (by Reg Fry)
Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera (by Christopher Majka)
European Butterflies / Europäische Schmetterlinge (by Mario Maier)
European Butterflies and Moths (by Christopher Jonko)
Farfalle d'Italia (by Roberto Villa, Marco Pellecchia, Giovanni Battista Pesce)
Farfalle dal mondo (by Mario Ioppolo)
Guy Padfield's European Butterfly Page (by Guy Padfield)
How to Build a Butterfly Garden in Your Backyard (by HomeAdvisor) - The Network for Insect Collectors
Insetti: ambiente, diffusione, conservazione (by Stefano Bossi, Antonio Karabatsos)
Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera (by Kimmo Silvonen)
Lepidoptera and some other life forms (by Markku Savela)
Lepidoptera and their ecology (by Wolfgang Wagner)
Lepidoptera Gallery (by Matthew Gandy)
Lepidoptera of Crimea (by Vladimir Savchuk)
Lépidoptères de France méridionale et de Corse
Lepidopterological Society, Denmark (by P. Stadel Nielsen)
Lepiforum: Bestimmung von Schmetterlingen (Lepidoptera) und ihren Präimaginalstadien
Leps 24 (by Wayne Fennell)
Les carnets du lépidoptériste français (by Claire Hoddé, Philippe Mothiron)
Les Sphingidae de France (by Jean Haxaire)
Libyan Butterflies and Moths (by Altaher Altabet)
Macrofotografia fotografia naturalistica (by Salvatore Spano)
Mariposas de la provincía de Guadalajara (by Rafael Pérez Fernández)
Matt's European Butterflies (by Matt Rowlings)
Moths of Serbia
Museo Mariposas del Mundo
Natural History Photographs (by Cor Zonneveld)
Naturfotografie (by Markus Gebel, Maik Mergemeier)
Papillons de Poitou-Charentes (by Antoine Guyonnet)
Papillons de Suisse (by Michel Baudraz, Vincent Baudraz)
Photographs from Nature - Butterfly Gallery (by Jay Cossey)
Photography of European Butterflies and Moths (by Bernard Fransen)
Picos de Europa, papillons (by Georges Verhulst)
Russian Insects - Lepidoptera (by Ilya Osipov)
Saturniidae of the Western Palaearctic (by Tony Pittaway)
Schmetterling, Raupe, Puppe - präsentiert von Walter Schön
Schmetterlinge und ihre Ökologie (by Wolfgang Wagner) (by Dmitry Shakin)
Simply Birds and Moths (by Tony Davison)
Sphingidae of the United States (by Bill Oehlke)
Sphingidae of the Eastern Palaearctic (by Tony Pittaway & Ian Kitching)
Sphingidae of the Western Palearctic (by Tony Pittaway)
Swedish moths and butterflies - (by Magnus Unger)
The Butterflies of the Monts du Lyonnais (by Timothy Cowles)
The Butterfly Site (by Randi Jones)
The Butterfly WebSite
The Entomological Livestock Group
The Identification of Caterpillars of Australia (by Don Herbison-Evans, Stella Crossley)
The Lepidopterists' Society
The Moths of Southeastern Arizona (by Bruce Walsh)
UK Lepidoptera (by Jeff Higgott)
UKMoths (by Ian Kimber)
Worldwide Butterflies
World Wide Saturniidae (by Bill Oehlke)
Zawisaki Polski (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) (by Grzegorz Banasiak)
ZERYNTHIA -- Asociación Española para la Protección de las Mariposas y su Medio (by Yeray Monasterio)